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HASHIMA X-ray and AIXDETECTOR make the conventional X-ray foreign inspection to the past.

The X-ray machine is equipped with AI to provide foreign object inspection assistance.
When displaying a photographed product image on a monitor, if a foreign object is detected,
it can be made to stand out in a heat map.

High performance X-ray inspection machine


X-ray inspection system suitable for small items, shoes, and apparel

This X-ray inspection machine has been manufactured for 10 years and utilizes the track record, technology, and know-how cultivated through the needle detector machines.
A two-way line sensor with the industry’s highest sensitivity reduces image noise and speeds up shooting.

Available in 3 sizes of small, medium and large sizes to suit your application.
The system can be equipped with AI to improve inspection quality.


Ideal for inspection of such products.




Industrial products

Soft toy




High precision line sensor

  • Our X-ray machines use the most sensitive line sensor in the industry.
  • It reduces noise in the captured image and speeds up shooting.
  • It is can be shooting from two directions, 0° and 25°, and It is effective in the inspection of foreign objects lurking in the blind spots of products.

Improved traceability
(barcode system)

  • Barcode readers can be used to read a variety of information on the object being inspected.
  • It is possible to link the inspection image to the actual product.
  • Enables tracking of products

Easy operation by remote control
(Smart Operation)

  • Complex operations can be easily performed with a remote control.
  • With the touch of a button, you can start shooting, save, print, and stop images.

Multi-language abailave.

  • Japanese, English, Chinese, and Vietnamese are abailavle as standard languages.

Monitor Settings(1 screen, 1 direction / 2 directions)

  • A variety of settings are possible, such as one screen, one direction, or two directions, depending on the details of the object to be inspected.

Energy saving function
(sleep function)

It can detect the operating status and automatically control the system to reduce unnecessary power consumption.


AI can be installed as optional.

  • AI to assist workers in inspection. (Patent pending)

For questions about our products or to place an order,
please contact us by form or phone.

  • After receiving your inquiry, a representative will contact you to discuss your specific needs and delivery schedule.
  • The X-ray machine in our showroom can be used to inspect your products and foreign objects upon request of customer.
  • Please contact us and check the accuracy and quality of our products.

Order from Overseas


Over 110 countries for Export Record

We can also handle orders from overseas. Hashima has sales companies and sales offices in China, Singapore, Vietnam, India, and Bangladesh, and has shipped to 110 countries around the world.

Our local distributor staff will respond quickly to any problems with the machine. As soon as you make an inquiry, Hasima will contact you directly or through an agent to discuss your needs, and the agent or our staff will visit you within a week.

For software, we can provide remote and online support from Japan.


The X-ray inspection machine is equipped with AI to assist in the visual inspection of foreign objects.
When displaying photographed product images on a monitor, if a foreign object is detected, it can be made to stand out in a heat map.


Improvement of
inspection accuracy

The AI assistance reduces the burden on the operator and reduces the foreign objects missed.
It also reduces the risk of over-picking out non-foreign objects.

Improvement of
inspection accuracy

The quality of the inspection in the usual way varies from worker to worker.
However, AIXDETECTOR reduces the variability of inspection quality by allowing the AI to learn a certain quality.

Same AI can be used in different factories

When you install a new X-ray inspection machine in another factory, you can more easily transfer existing AI data and the same inspection accuracy in remote offices.

Improve human resource development costs

With the assistance of AI, inexperienced workers can perform inspections with ease.
It also increases the speed of proficiency and decreases the cost of training personnel.

The critical capability of AIXDETECTOR

AIXDETECTOR learns and grows from the worker’s decisions.
If the AI misses a foreign object, you can register it on the spot and it will not miss similar foreign objects in the future.
Conversely, if the AI is picking up too many items that are not foreign objects, the worker can simply register them as good items on the spot, and no heat map will be generated.
In this way, AIX can develop the inspection standards that suit your company together with your workers.
The learning is done automatically at night.

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